The Stakes are high… and they keep getting higher with age. Men are constantly being bombarded with age defying, muscle growing, libido increasing, and testosterone boosting therapies that, by and large, swindle them of their hard earned money. The pressure increases when as soon as a man experiences the slightest fatigue, he is recommended to indulge in boosting his T levels via some hyper-synthetic product.

These products are generally made by profit-hungry enterprises and advertised through incessant TV commercials or social media ads depicting a young model at the peak of his youth and showcasing his perfectly sculpted abs, increase the pressure on men to look perfect and perform perfectly.

The reality is that these are just corporations preying on the vulnerabilities of aging men to maximize their profit at the expense of men’s health and their bank accounts. Gels, injections, implants, and some serums made from urine regularly find a market from men who are beguiled into thinking that those products will help them feel younger and stronger, while the real picture is not so true, or even related to low testosterone levels, especially when you factor in the catastrophic side effects of these products.

This does not mean that men should live with low testosterone levels and ignore all the health risks associated with it. It’s important to know the root causes of such low levels and find the best efficient and cost-effective remedy, instead of paying hundreds and thousands of dollars for promises of fleeting results. Read below to learn ways to increase your testosterone levels in the most efficient way, and even save some money.

Get a Gym Membership

Exercising is the most effective way to increase testosterone levels in men. As a matter of fact, exercising is one of the fundamental remedies for low testosterone levels because it not only battles it but it also fights other symptoms and diseases that exacerbate the decline of testosterone in men. And the most important thing is that it is almost free. We say ‘almost’ because for effective exercising to take place, there is a necessity to purchase exercising equipment. Furthermore, for a better source of motivation, a gym membership is highly recommended even though it doesn’t exactly come free as well.

Many studies have shown that exercising is the most natural and effective way to increase testosterone levels. It has been shown that when we exercise, the release of testosterone hormones increases, especially when the targeted area of exercise is the legs. In addition, the cost of exercising pales in comparison to the thousands and dollars incurred for testosterone therapy. There’s no need to spend so much for less when you can spend less for more.


The amounts of processed food we consume these days are partly responsible for the myriad of diseases and disorders we go through on a regular basis. Infused with bad cholesterol and insane amounts of sugar, processed food contributes to so many problems including low levels of testosterone. It’s about time we free ourselves from the entrapment of the sweet tooth and embrace better diets that will help us live better and stronger. With a little amount of money, we can fine-tune our diets to include healthy vegetables and fruits that contain nutrients favorable to increasing the testosterone levels.

Whole foods, raw vegetables, and organic fruits are all available at the farmer’s market for a small amount of money. There’s no need to spend exorbitantly on transient hormonal boosting products when there are better alternatives that not only fight low levels of testosterone in the long run but also stand resistant against other diseases and bacteria, boosting your immunity and increasing your overall health.

Supplement from healthy sources

Supplementation is good, especially when a man is on a tight schedule and cannot effectively follow the natural prescription for increasing testosterone levels. However, we advise that before indulging in such supplements, one must consult his doctor and must ensure that those supplements are highly advised and trusted like for example Chemforce, which is great for boosting energy and maintaining optimal testosterone levels. It works on improving the free testosterone levels in the body and is completely plant derived. Of course, vitamin supplements, especially vitamin D supplements are also great in this department. Vitamin D helps to increases a man’s testosterone levels and also boosts the immunity.

We cannot overstretch the importance of trading off testosterone therapies for healthier and more natural alternatives. This is because the latter helps to maintain your testosterone levels efficiently without straining your bank account while the former gives you temporary moments of boosts so you can always come back for more, and pay for more. Spend wiser, live better.

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Attention men you’re paying a high price for low Testosterone