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What to eat before and after a workout

How can I burn my extra calories and lose my weight quickly? How can I enhance my body strength and stamina faster? What should I do to get the most out of my exercise and workouts? What should I eat before and after my work out? Basically, these are some universal questions, which are being asked to the doctors, fitness trainers and dieticians by every fitness freak.

Certainly, it is good to do your workouts and training under the guidance of experts. And it is essential to clear your doubts about your daily routine. The question of what to eat before and after the workout is one of the popular ones among the new fitness freaks. That is why we are here to clear your doubts and give the essential tips regarding your workout routine.

The essentiality of a meal before your workout

eat before and after workout

The experts and numerous researches say that it doesn’t matter whether you are consuming some meal or not before your workout, because your body burns the same amount of fat from your body. But in the empty stomach, your body takes from your muscles rather than from your liver and kidney. And that process leads to muscles loss and that will directly affect your metabolism and will slow down its process, and then it will be harder for you to lose weight.

And on the other hand, an empty stomach means you are not giving your body enough fuel to generate power during the intensive workout and hard training.     

What to Eat Before a Workout

A mixture of protein and carbohydrates would be the best pre-workout meal for you because these meals generate enough energy for your body during the workouts. So, let’s check out some best meals to eat before your workout.
1) Almond butter and banana
2) Brown rice and black beans
3) Apple and butter
4) Oatmeal
5) Multi-grain crackers
6) Whole wheat toasts

The Essentiality of Eating After Your Workout

eat before and after workout

A research says that your body loses its ability by 50 percent if you take a long gap for a meal after your workout. That is why health experts suggest that you need to eat at least some light food like a jelly sandwich or peanut butter or some energy drink after completing your workout.    

We are saying these things because, during your workout session, your body consumes energy and protein from your body muscles. And after the workout, your body muscles need to restore the energy back and that’s why it requires energy and protein from the post-workout meal.  

What to Eat After a Workout

Let’s check out some best post-workout meals through which your body gets a speedy recovery.

1) Protein shake and banana

2) Roasted chickpeas and salad

3) Steamed vegetables

4) Omelet and sautéed vegetables

5) Grilled chicken and steamed vegetables

6) Grilled salmon and baked sweet potato 


So, these are the best meals that you can eat before and after your workout and you will definitely get the best results. On the other hand, you can also take the aid of Chemforce capsules. These capsules will help you to maintain your overall energy and give more stamina, strength and Maintains healthy testosterone levels. These are clinically evaluated and patented as well.


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Best Ayurvedic Medicines to Boost Testosterone Level in Men

Testosterone is the hormone which is made by the testes and ovaries and the adrenal glands of your body. It is an important hormone which is required for the appropriate functioning of various processes of your body to Boost Testosterone, especially the reproductive system, and it comes from the parent compound, which is cholesterol.

Usually, testosterone is said to be the “male” hormone, which is formed in men with the help of testicles and is majorly responsible for the development of a male’s sexual characteristics. Furthermore, testosterone also plays a vital role in maintaining muscle bulk, bone growth, sufficient levels of red blood cells, sexual function and a complete sense of well being. A dearth of this hormone can also have bad effects on your body.


It is being said that testosterone levels in males are now very less as compared to previous years. It is majorly caused because of the unhealthy contemporary-day lifestyle.

There are also some Testosterone boosters which are the natural supplements that can enhance your testosterone level. These supplements work by directly enhancing testosterone or the related hormones, but few of them work by restricting testosterone from being changed into estrogens.

Most of these supplements have been scientifically proven in human studies. Listed below are the best testosterone improving supplements-

1)Zinc- It is included in virtually all aspects of male reproduction, which includes testosterone metabolism. Many studies also support the use of zinc for curing low sperm count, particularly when it is accompanied by low testosterone levels. There were many tests done and it was proved that zinc has an efficiency to increase sperm counts and testosterone levels both. There are many men who suffer from low testosterone just because of deficiency of zinc. Intake of 30–45 mg zinc every day is urged; along with 2–3 mg of copper for great results.

2)Ginger– Ginger is a basic household spice which plays a great role in making medicine since centuries and is said to be a natural testosterone booster. It has various health benefits. Ginger may lessen the inflammation and can also boost testosterone levels in your body.
Several studies have been done on rats using ginger and it was found that it increases the testosterone levels as well as sexual function.
Also in one research on men, few infertile men were asked to eat ginger supplement daily. And after 3 months, it was observed that there was a 17% increase in their testosterone levels and also the levels of luteinizing hormone nearly doubled.
Well, the research on ginger related testosterone is still going on, but eating ginger every day is safe and provides various other health benefits as well.

3)Fenugreek Seeds– This is a herb which has been proved to benefit in sexual stimulation. A medicated fenugreek extract, which is Testofen, has also shown excellent results in increasing libido, testosterone levels, energy, and improved sexual performance. Fenugreek seeds help in all the aspects of sexual life as it enhances the strength among men, improves their sexual performance, improves libido and decreases the fat as well. 500Gm of fenugreek seeds every day improves the sex life of both deficient and healthy men.

4)Tribulus Terrestris- This herb is also called the puncture vine, as it has been used for many centuries, particularly in China and India. It is believed to increase testosterone levels. Consumption of this herb is believed to aid in boosting sexual desires, enhances sports function and also manages the erectile dysfunction. It is recommended to take 100-250 mg every day as it is said to be one of the best Ayurvedic medicine to boost Testosterone.

5)Ashwagandha– Also called Withania somnifera, it has always been used in making ancient Indian medicines. It is basically used as an adaptogen, which means it benefits your body in handling anxiety and stress. Few tests were done and it was proved that it helps in increasing sperm quality in infertile men, who consume 5 gm every day for 3 months.

The males according to this study had 10-22% increase in their testosterone levels. Furthermore, 14% of the females became pregnant as well.
Ashwagandha boosts activity performance, strength and reduces fat. Along with all this, it also increases Boost testosterone levels significantly.

You can use Chemforce to manage the level of testosterone as is a precise & powerful blend of cutting edge natural ingredients designed to support healthy testosterone activity levels. It has been devised exclusively for men over the age of 18, featuring one of the highest ultra powerful protodioscin contents available.

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