Human body is composed of many different kinds of cells which combine to form various body parts. These cells are different for men and women. It is very well known that these different cells are responsible for the different body structures of both genders.

Besides the visual differences such as physique, reproductive organs, etc, there are some FACTS WE NEVER KNEW ABOUT MALE BODY, which are very rarely known. These facts about male body are:

  1. Larger brain size than women 1

You will be amazed to know that the size of brain of males and females vary. The brain size of males is slightly larger than the females. It has been observed that the average weight of male brain is 1345 grams whereas that of females is 1222 grams.

But men use only one side of their brain whereas females have the capability to use both the sides of the brain simultaneously. Due to this, females are considered as multi-tasking and males are considered to be doing one single activity at one time with complete focus.

  1. Female in womb during first six weeks 2

It has been scientifically proved that each baby in the womb is a female during first 6 weeks of the pregnancy. The gender of a baby is decided on the basis of chromosomes it is receiving. A baby will be female if she receives both XX chromosomes and will be a male if baby has one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. But during the first 6 weeks inside womb, the Y chromosome is completely inactive. Due to this, the body structure is prepared in the form of a female. When Y chromosome becomes active after 6 weeks, then, the baby starts to be developed into male body.

  1. Slow ageing process 3

Another fact about male body is that they have slow aging process. All the credit goes to higher collagen density in skin. Men have high amount of collagen in their skin layers i.e. dermis & epidermis layers. This higher collagen density in men inhibits the ageing process. It contributes in more firmness and elasticity of male skin. It takes long time for the development of wrinkles and ageing lines in men.

  1. Milk-producing capability 4

It will be surprising to know that males also have milk ducts required for lactation. The hormone responsible for producing milk i.e. prolactin is also present in male bodies. If this hormone exceeds the required amount, it causes side effects in males. The increase in prolactin in male bodies is due to the consumption of some medications such as antipsychotic medication, medication for heart disease, etc.

  1. Adam’s apple for higher tone voice 5

Another fact about male body is the Adam’s apple, which is situated above the thyroid gland. This Adam’s apple is also present in females but in much smaller size which is not even noticeable. The increase in the size of Adam’s apple in men is due to the increase in testosterone levels after puberty. Due to this, the Adam’s apple is completely visible in men through the front neck. This contributes to the heaviness in male voice too.  

  1. Colour identification capability 6

Males and females look at colours differently. Women have more capability of differentiating various shades of colours than men do. This has also been proven by neuroscientists. The amount of testosterone in the body is responsible for this colour perception. Men have more testosterone receptors in brain than women, especially in the visual region of the cerebral cortex (part of the brain that processes information from the senses). Different numbers of receptors result in differences in visual perception.

  1. Strong body odour 7

Body odour is the outcome of sweat. The bacteria on men’s body that breaks down our sweat decide whether the odour will be good or bad. In case of males, the body odour is much stronger. The high production of testosterone is responsible for high sweat production and the more breakdown of more sweat by bacteria results in strong body odour.

  1. Baldness 8

Another FACTS WE NEVER KNEW ABOUT MALE BODY is this that they are more susceptible to pattern hair loss than women. The hormone responsible for pattern hair loss is Dihydrotestosterone which is converted from testosterone inside body. As testosterone is majorly present in males, it is clear that more DHT will be produced and more pattern hair loss will occur.

  1. Estrogen hormone 

Estrogen, which is a female hormone, is surprisingly present in male body too. Generally, it is present in normal amount that is not even identifiable in male body. During the excess in fat cells, estrogen starts to increase and testosterone starts to decrease which results in heart problems and prostate cancer. It also contributes to the decrease in muscle mass, fatigue, low libido, etc.

  1. Thicker skin 9

Lesser known FACTS WE NEVER KNEW ABOUT MALE BODY is that, they have much thicker skin than females. Thicker skin is also a contributor to slow aging process of male skin. The reason behind the thicker skin is testosterone. This hormone has much higher levels in men than women. Due to this, male skin is 25% much thicker and tends to thin as men age because male body face fall in testosterone levels as they age. To maintain the thickness of skin to longer time, it is suggested to increase testosterone levels in male body. Testosterone can be increased by consuming herbal supplements such as Chemforce which are clinically-proven to increase the testosterone levels in male body with complete safety. 6



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