Testosterone is a sex hormone produced by both women and men. However, in the case of men production of testosterone is very essential for the growth of their muscles and bones and also for overall body development.  In men, excessive production of this hormone is merely a problem but if the production is less, then you need to worry.


During the puberty years, testosterone is the only hormone that drives the physical changes and transforms a boy into a man. Who doesn’t like a deeper voice, good hair growth, increased muscles, and stronger bones?

Most of the men enjoy healthy production of testosterone, but in some cases, testosterone is not produced enough.

Here’s how you can increase your testosterone naturally:

Take organic minerals and supplements

One of the easiest ways to boost testosterone production is taking natural supplements. If you do not have enough time to hit a gym or perform regular exercise, then you should consider having supplements. There are some products which are ranked as best ayurvedic testosterone boosters in India. You can purchase these through online mediums and by visiting the nearest chemist shop.

Try to sleep as much as you can


Getting enough sleep is good but getting quality sleep is indispensable. You need to manage your schedule in order to get adequate sleep. You need to sleep at least 5 hours a night.  No matter what, you should never compromise your sleep as there’s nothing important than your health. Testosterone levels are not increased within a month of taking quality sleep, you need to maintain your sleep cycle to get significant benefits.

Go for a healthy lifestyle

Lifestyle and eating habits have a great impact on your testosterone levels. Eating food in the wrong way damages your digestive power and testosterone growth is stopped. If you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, then forget about increased levels of testosterone. Alcohol is known to cause obstacles into the immune system while influencing your body in the direction of side effects.

Control stress levels

Researchers have always claimed that taking stress affects the production of testosterone in men. Stress can also lead to unmanaged elevations in hormones that make the testosterone level to go up and come down gradually. Incorporate some exercises in your daily routine that can help you with managed stress level.

Hit the gym

Hitting the gym is always recommended in order to remain healthy. Regular exercise is beneficial for both inner and another body as your muscles get stronger and your body starts to develop. This is only possible when your body is producing enough testosterone.

No matter what age group you belong, you should join a gym. If you are not able to make it to the gym, bring some general equipment to your home.

Take Vitamin D


The best source of vitamin D is sunbath. Taking a sunbath after an interval of time loads your body with healthy Vitamins that are needed for testosterone production. In case taking a sunbath is not an option for you, then you should opt for Vitamin D supplements. There are some organic supplements which have no ill effects on the body and are also very economical.

No processed foods

Processed and refined foods have a lot of side effects on the human body. They result in hair loss, breakouts and most probably reduced testosterone levels. You need to remove these kinds of foods from your diet while including fiber-rich fruits and dietary products.

Wrap Up

A number of health issues are related to lower T say erectile dysfunction, which is a common problem these days. If you don’t want to take medications, then you can use fenugreek seeds for ED. You can search the web with how to use fenugreek seeds for erectile dysfunction to get a detailed guide.

A healthy testosterone level is beneficial for both women and men. Therefore everyone should be aware of their testosterone levels while including the above-mentioned methods in their lifestyle.

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