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A Grocery List to have a healthy Testosterone Level

Here is a Grocery List to have a Healthy Testosterone Level. Spoiler alert, they’re all plants! Yes gentlemen, you can have your vegetables and make gains too all while flooding your body with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that promote Healthy Testosterone Level and overall wellbeing.

Testosterone is important for both men and women to consider. The hormone supports our libido, mood, energy and motivation. For women, some testosterone is necessary to ward off excess estrogen which can lead to depression, weight gain, and imbalanced sex hormones. For men, testosterone is the primary growth hormone that’s needed to build muscle and maintain sex drive.

The key nutrients needed to boost Healthy Testosterone Level are amino acids (protein), zinc, B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and an overall diet free from inflammatory foods. These nutrients can be found in both plant and animal foods however, with animal foods, you are also consuming animal hormones and antibiotics. In fact, vegans have exhibited higher Healthy Testosterone Level than meat-eaters or vegetarians in addition to the lowest heart disease and cancer rates.

We’ll show you how to get your fill of nutrient-dense, testosterone boosting food without the risk of animal products. Now that’s what we call guilt-free eating.

Cruciferous Vegetables


This family of veggies includes all your favorites: broccoli, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower. These aren’t your favorite? Try sautéing a blend of these vegetables with minced garlic, ginger, red chili and soy sauce for an irresistible Asian flavor. On top of that, cruciferous vegetables are an anti-estrogenic food that releases a compound known as indole-3 carbinole. This compound is converted to di-indollyl methane (DIM) which then converts estrogen into safer forms thus, allowing healthy levels of free testosterone. This binds to androgen receptors to increase sex drive, build muscle, reduce fat and boost your performance at the gym.

Get cooking!



Popeye had the right idea with this one. Spinach, a green, leafy vegetable, is loaded with the mineral magnesium which plays a crucial role in muscle development and reproductive function. According to a study published by Biological Trace Element Research, magnesium increases free and total testosterone in athletes and non-active individuals.

Toss a handful in a fruit smoothie or pile it on top of your veggie burger with tempe bacon and avocado. There are many ways to enjoy spinach!


Figure 1

Speaking of avocado, this fruit’s (yep, it’s a fruit) concentration of healthy fats and high levels of vitamin B-6 both reduce cortisol and improve testosterone production. Avocados also support the metabolism and overall mood function. Its healthy fats can reduce high levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol which interferes with the production of testosterone and raise good (HDL) cholesterol.

Throw these on a salad, pizza or veggie burger or make incredible sauces and even desserts. But we’re sure you already knew about the power of avocados.


Thought these were just empty calories? Wrong. Mushrooms prevent the production of the enzyme aromatase. It converts androgen into estrogen which prevents free testosterone from binding to androgen receptors.

Mushrooms are also a surprising meat substitute with a texture similar to beef when cooked.

Throw them on the grill for some creative (still manly) barbequing!



Figure 3

If you’re a frequent reader, then you know we are all about the carbohydrates. In fact, they are tremendously important for healthy testosterone production. So, eat all the potatoes including sweet, russet, white, red and purple potatoes. They are an excellent source of gluten-free, nutrient dense carbohydrates that support hormone balance and fat loss.


Figure 4 Source:

Recent studies have shown that consuming pomegranate juice increased salivary Healthy Testosterone Level by 24% after just 2 weeks while also lowering diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Pomegranates and their juice have also shown to reduce arterial plaque, protect the body against LDL cholesterol, and oxidative damage.

Dark Berries

8Berries, especially Acai, have won the world over with their health benefits. In fact, the darker the berry, the higher the antioxidant content and the more antioxidants you consume, the less inflammation and oxidative damage takes place in the body. This also means faster recovery after a workout and increased testosterone production and testosterone molecule preservation.

They also contain a unique fiber called Calcium-D-Glucarate, which has shown to help remove excess estrogen.


Figure 5 Source:

Produced primarily in India and traditionally used to prepare curry powders, pickles, and pastes, studies are now investigating Fenugreek for its anabolic properties.

A study out of University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Belton, Texas examined the effects of fenugreek supplementation on strength and body composition in resistance-trained men. Researchers found that while both the placebo and fenugreek groups significantly increased their strength during the first four weeks, only the fenugreek group saw significant increases in strength after eight weeks of training and supplementation. These findings suggest that fenugreek could help men continue to increase strength after reaching a dreaded plateau. Additionally, only the fenugreek group saw significant increases in lean body mass at both four and eight weeks. Fenugreek has also shown to improve sexual function and well-being.

Fenugreek is the primary ingredient in a safe and natural supplement for boosting testosterone levels called Chemforce. In addition to boosting testosterone, it has shown to improve sperm count, sperm morphology, and can help protect the male reproductive system. Comprised of Furosap® containing Protodioscin as the major fraction, Chemforce is a promising natural remedy that can help improve overall quality of life in men who have low T. For more information, visit www./

The statement and product have not been evaluated by the FDA to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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A Grocery List to have a healthy Testosterone Level

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  • The inability to maintain or develop an erection of the penis during sexual activity in humans is termed as erectile dysfunction.
  • The development of erectile dysfunction in men increases with age. It increases from 5% to 15% as the age increases from 40 to 70 years. It is also estimated that the prevalence of erectile dysfunction will double in the next 25 years.



  • Mechanism of cause: An erection occurs when blood 2fills two chambers known as the corpora cavernosa. This causes the penis to expand and stiffen, much like a balloon as it is filled with air. The process is triggered by the action of free radical e. nitric oxide, impulses from the brain and genital nerves. Anything that blocks these actions or restricts blood flow to the penis can result in ED.
  • Other causes of erectile dysfunction are:
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes: Men with diabetes are more likely to have erectile dysfunction. They experience the problem as much as 10 to 15 years earlier than men without diabetes.
  • Lifestyle: Smoking, excessive drinking, and drug abuse may damage the blood vessels and reduce blood flow to the penis.
  • Surgery: Treatments such as surgery for prostate cancer, bladder cancer or BPH can damage nerves and blood vessels near the penis. This causes the lowering of blood flow and interferes with normal erection.
  • Hormonal insufficiency
  • Side effects from drugs such as including certain blood pressure drugs, antidepressants, and tranquilizers.
  • Psychological causes: performance anxiety, stress or mental disorders
  • Bicycling: according to the reported studies, the shape of the bicycle seats put pressure on the perineum. This area contains arteries and nerves which are damaged due to cycling for long time. This causes ED.




  • Oxidative stress: It is the imbalance between the production of free radicals and their detoxification by antioxidants inside human body. Superoxide (O2) is the most important among other free radicals such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), hypochlorous acid (HOCL) and peroxynitrite (OONO) which are involved in pathophysiological mechanism of many diseases.
  • Mechanism: Normal erectile function is dependent on the action of free radical e. nitric oxide. It acts as a neurotransmitter in the process. Under oxidative stress, the free radicals are started to produce in excess amount. The reaction of nitric oxide with other free radicals such as superoxide, leads to the disturbance in normal erection mechanism. During this imbalance, nitric oxide starts to deplete in the human body and the target action of nitric oxide i.e. penile smooth muscle relaxation, starts to fade away. This causes the ineffective relaxation in cavernosal tissue and lack of penile blood flow which results in erectile dysfunction.




  • Antioxidants: Antioxidants are those molecules which react with free radicals to stabilize them and inhibit their unwanted reaction at other sites in the human body. They are one of the treatment options for oxidative stress-generated erectile dysfunction.
  • When free radicals cause erectile dysfunction through reacting with nitric oxide then, antioxidants work by one of the following two mechanisms:
  • Antioxidants either interfere in the production cycle of free radicals i.e. they inhibit the production of free radicals.
  • Or, they react with free radicals to stabilize them and block their reaction with nitric oxide.
  • In any case, antioxidants inhibit the reaction of free radicals with nitric oxide due to which oxidative stress is released from the cells. This causes the smooth muscle relaxation and penile blood flow which results in cavernosal tissue relaxation. Thus, erectile dysfunction originated from oxidative stress is prevented. This has also been proved by animal studies that antioxidant therapy is a good pharmacological approach to prevent erectile dysfunction.



Introduction to fenugreek: Fenugreek is an herb, which is used traditionally in many countries as a therapy against some diseases. The seeds & leaves of fenugreek are responsible for the therapeutic properties of it. Seeds and leaves provide various bioactive components such as steroidal saponins including diosgenin, yamogenin, gitogenin, tigogenin and neotigogens, other bioactive components including choline and trimethylamine, retinol, vitamin D, riboflavin, pyridoxine and essential oils which contribute to the antioxidant property of fenugreek.



Fenugreek helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction by any of the following two mechanisms given below:

Fenugreek as antioxidant: In-vitro studies prove that fenugreek has great antioxidant property. The phenolic and flavanoid compounds present in fenugreek seeds help to fight against oxidative stress. Thus, fenugreek is able to block the chain of the formation of free radicals inside body. Due to the chain inhibition, oxidative stress is also inhibited. Thus, free radicals do not react with nitric oxide in the cavernosal smooth muscles and make its availability for erection mechanism.


There are many published studies, which prove that antioxidants inhibit the reaction of excessive free radicals with other molecules in the body to reduce oxidative stress so that erectile dysfunction can be treated. Some of those studies are given below.

  • Kaviarasan S et al. (2007) conducted an antioxidant analysis on fenugreek seeds. Their results showed that fenugreek was able to scavenge hydroxyl radicals and also inhibited hydrogen peroxide-induced lipid peroxidation. This proves that fenugreek inhibit the free radical chain reaction. Thus, according to Azadzoi et al. antioxidant therapy by fenugreek will help to inhibit the reaction of free radicals with nitric oxide. This will further help to carry out normal erection mechanism by nitric oxide.
  • An in-vitro study conducted by Naidu MM et al. (2011) showed that fenugreek seeds are a valuable source of saponins, protein, dietary fiber and phenolic acids. These bioactive components are a natural source of antioxidants. Fenugreek was able to inhibit the activity of free radicals under in-vitro This analysis shows that fenugreek will be helpful in relieving body from oxidative stress. This in turn, will help to enhance the activity of nitric oxide.
  • Achike FI & Kwa CI published a study showing the role of nitric oxide in many physiological pathways. They showed that polyphenols have a major role to boost the effect of nitric oxide. Fenugreek also contains polyphenols as one of its bioactive components which will be beneficial to boost nitric oxide activity. Boosting of nitric oxide activity will help in normal erection mechanism.


Fenugreek as testosterone booster: The erectile dysfunction also originate if the body does not have sufficient amount of testosterones. It has been proved by many clinical studies that fenugreek has the testosterone boosting activity. When the testosterones are boosted-up then, the body also shows improvements from erectile dysfunction.

  • It is suggested that herbs for treating erectile dysfunction are better than testosterone replacement therapy. Natural treatment for erectile dysfunction does not give rise to side effects such as heart attacks or becoming dependent on therapy. Fenugreek is reported to restore the normal testosterone levels in the body by acting as an antioxidant.
  • Fenugreek has the ability to treat erectile dysfunction originated from hormonal deficiencies. It helps to promote natural testosterone levels and improve libido. It contains phytochemicals such as saponins & sapogenins which are responsible for raising testosterone levels in men.
  • It has been proved by a clinical study that standardized extract of fenugreek had positive effect on physiological aspects of libido of 60 male subjects with 25-52 years of age. Fenugreek extract helped to maintain normal testosterone levels in men. Fenugreek was able to increase muscle strength, energy and well‐being in males. Due to this, the erectile dysfunction originated from testosterone deficiency can be prevented.
  • In a randomized, double blinded and placebo controlled clinical study on 16 male subjects, it was observed that fenugreek seed extract was able to increase free testosterone and total testosterone levels in the subjects. Fenugreek was also found to be safe and well-tolerated. This clinical study shows that fenugreek supplementation has potential androgenic benefits in males.
  • CHEMFORCE is a natural and promising dietary supplement comprising Furosap® containing Protodioscin as the major fraction. It is reported to improve sperm count, sperm morphology and has a protective effect on male reproductive system. Protodioscin is known to increases levels of the hormones; testosterone, dihydrotestosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone. It boosts testosterone levels via stimulating pituitary gland. CHEMFORCE consists of a patented and clinically evaluated ingredient establishing its efficacy and safety for overall energy and vitality in men.


According to these reported studies, choosing fenugreek as a natural therapy to treat erectile dysfunction has proved to be safe and effective in men.









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Boost Testosterone Naturally

Hypogonadism, otherwise known as low T or low testosterone, is a condition where the production of testosterone in men is inhibited. This hormone is essential to men’s health especially for maintaining muscle mass, bone density, and sex drive. Testosterone production is at its highest in early adulthood but will slowly decline a little bit each year thereafter.

Men diagnosed with hypogonadism or experiencing symptoms of low testosterone may benefit from testosterone therapy. This is not recommended however if your testosterone levels fall within the normal range for you age.

Ultimately, there is no magic solution for boosting testosterone however there are a number of natural remedies that can help in addition to consulting your doctor. In this article we provide a summary of the most important natural remedies and lifestyle changes that can make all the difference in men with low testosterone.

Do you have Low Testosterone?

Men with low testosterone may experience decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, fragile bones, and other health issues. Experiencing the symptoms of low T, however, may indicate an underlying medical condition. Visiting your doctor for a simple blood test is the first step if you suspect you have low testosterone. The results will determine if your testosterone levels fall within the normal range for your age.

Get Enough Sleep:

Sleep may be the easiest way to help regulate hormone production. Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that lack of sleep can greatly reduce a young, healthy man’s testosterone levels. The results are clear after only one week of sleep deprivation. Testosterone levels were particularly low between 2 and 10 p.m. on sleep-restricted days. Study participants also reported a decreased sense of wellbeing as their blood testosterone levels dropped.

get enough sleep

How much sleep your body needs depends on many factors. Most adults generally need between seven and nine hours per night in order to function well and lead a healthy life.

Trim the Fat:

Excess fat on the body can disrupt normal hormone production. Particularly, overweight, middle-aged men with pre-diabetes are likely to have low-testosterone levels. A study from The Journal of Endocrinology revealed that low T and diabetes are closely linked. Men who maintain a normal weight have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes as well as hypogonadism.


Research published in the European Journal of Endocrinology further confirms that losing some weight can help boost your testosterone. Though, this does not mean you should restrict your calorie intake, over exercise or go on a crash diet. The best way to achieve and maintain a healthy weight is through an abundant, plant based diet and regular exercise.

Fix Your Poor Diet:

The simplest way to shed fat is to avoid foods high in fat and saturated fat such as refined oils (vegetable especially), and a number of animal products including beef, poultry, cheese, milk and eggs. Before you ask about protein, the average human needs 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. To put this into perspective, 70 grams of protein would be the appropriate amount for a 200 pound person, while 120 grams would be appropriate for someone weighing 330 pounds. Basically, everyone has more than enough and everyone can get the amount they need by eating foods like whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables daily.


Consuming plant food as your main source of protein also floods your body with antioxidants, fiber, minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals. 100 grams of quinoa for example, provides 14 grams of protein along with 25 percent of the RDA for both iron and vitamin B6 and almost 50 percent of the RDA for magnesium. It also packs 563 mg of potassium. The same measure of beef comes in at 26 grams of protein, and only 14 percent iron, 20 percent B6, a paltry 5 percent magnesium and 318 mg of potassium. It’s also more than double the fat at 15 grams with 90 mg of cholesterol, while quinoa has just 6 grams of fat and zero cholesterol.

Animal protein, on the other hand, floods your body with saturated fat, cholesterol, added hormones and antibiotics that can disrupt the natural production of hormones in the human body. Even the lean cuts of meat are still filled with added hormones and antibiotics in addition to bacteria, parasites, and carcinogens.

Check for Mineral Deficiencies:

Men with low testosterone may have mineral deficiencies like zinc and magnesium in particular. Studies suggest that zinc plays an important part in regulating serum testosterone levels in healthy men. Eating foods that are rich in this essential nutrient may help including whole grains, beans and nuts. You may also want to consider adding a ZMA supplement to your diet. Adult males should aim to get 11 mg of zinc each day.

Other safe and natural supplements can be beneficial in addition to consulting a doctor.


Chemforce, for example, is a healthful dietary supplement reported to improve sperm count, sperm morphology, and can help protect the male reproductive system. Comprised of Furosap® containing Protodioscin as the major fraction, Chemforce has shown to help improve overall quality of life in men who have low T. Protodioscin is clinically evaluated with proven safety and efficacy and is US patented. Alpha Yohimbine (Rauwolscine), another ingredient in Chemforce is a known aphrodisiac. It helps in improving athletic performance & mood boosting.

You Have to Exercise:

Studies show that overall testosterone levels increase after exercise, especially after resistance training. Low testosterone levels can also affect your sex drive and your mood. On the flip side, exercise improves mood and stimulates brain chemicals that induce feelings of happiness and confidence. Exercise also boosts energy and endurance, and helps you sleep better. Aim for at least 30 minutes a day.


The Bottom Line:

Learning that you have low testosterone can be unsettling but it’s no reflection of your manhood. Only a doctor can tell you if you have low T so don’t hesitate to get a blood test. If you have an underlying condition, a doctor can prescribe medication. Often, a few lifestyle changes in addition to the right supplement are all you need to restore testosterone levels and improve your overall well-being.
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Boost Testosterone Naturally

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