Before and after workout meals can make a huge difference in workout performance as well as training results. That’s why trainers and dieticians across the world recommend eating certain foods before and after a workout. While there is a multitude of foods available for enhanced performance, some of them have stood the test of time and are highly recommended by trainers. Today, Chemforce is here to introduce you to such power foods.


Below are the best foods to be consumed before and after a workout!


5 foods before a workout


Banana & peanut butter combo


We all have been told to eat a banana before a workout, and the ancient wisdom is right. Take banana before your workout to supply your body simple carbs and potassium. Throw in a scoop or two of peanut butter to add some protein to your initial diet as well!


Apple and raisins


Raisins contain more than 70% sugars by weight but they are also loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. While Apple is a good source of fiber and will keep you filled during the workout, the simple sugar supplied by raisins also keeps you going in the gym.


Two eggs








Gym lovers swear by eggs and there is a good reason behind it. The power food is rich with protein which is crucial for muscle growth and recovery. Intake 1 hour before your workout regime to give eggs the time to get into action.


A bowl of oatmeal



For those who plan on a grueling workout, there can be nothing better than a bowl of oatmeal. The food contains complex carbs and fiber that will keep sending ample supply of energy to keep it going during the training session. Highly recommend food before the workout!

Whole fruit smoothie


Foods with simple sugar are perfect for pre work out consumption since they deliver body the energy it needs to go through intense training. A smoothie of banana, oats, peanut butter and frozen blueberries will work wonders before your workout.


Now that we have recommended 5 foods to eat before the workout, let’s learn what works best after the workout


5 foods after a workout


Cottage cheese


Most people don’t know that cottage cheese has a good amount of protein, which helps in building muscle and recovery after a grueling workout. So, if you have easy access to the food, add it to your after workout meal regime.


Sweet potato


We know the said vegetable has carbs but hear us out. We recommend sweet potato because consuming carb-rich foods after the workout is good for the immune system which often takes a hit after intense exercise. Taking grains after the workout is also good!


Eggs and supplements


Eggs are amazing in terms of protein and hence they must be part of your post-workout foods. Since you can only add so many egg whites, also add to it natural supplements like Chemforce to boost testosterone levels naturally and improve optimal health.




Salmon and sardines improve muscle protein synthesis which is crucial for building muscle and recovery after intense exercise. The fish is also rich with omega-3 fats which also minimize muscle soreness.


Herbal tea

organic tea

Processing carbs and proteins are not easy, and drinks like herbal tea simplify the same for the body. Yerba Mate is especially popular for its healing benefits and highly recommended by trainers across the world post-workout.


End workout note

While above are some of the best before and after workout foods to reach optimal performance, these are surely not the only ones. There are hundreds of power foods out there that give energy, protein, vitamins, and nutrients necessary for muscle growth & recovery.


Share your favorite pre and post workout food in the comments section!